You buy a camper for euro 10,000.-.
In this price, the 21% sales tax is already included (also the guarantee on the buy-back!). This means that you pay us euro 7900.- and that you pay His Majesty the King euro 2,100.- through us. (He thanks you). 
When you want to sell the camper back to us within 3 months we pay back 65% of 'our' euro 7,900.-, which is euro 5,135.-. If you want to sell it back after 364 days you get back 55%, i.e. euro 4,345.-.

Be aware of the additional costs involved in owning a camper like insurance and registration!

You know exactly where you stand.

If you bought a camper that is not 'qualified' for the guaranteed buy back and you did not take the extra buy-back guarantee, you can always leave the camper in consignment with us.

You'll get no money 'on the spot', but we'll try to sell the camper on your behalf. 
We'll pay you when we sold the camper for you.

As a rule-of-thumb the maximum consignment amount is the same percantage as the buy back percentage for the same period of use. But calculated over the purchase price inclusive the sales tax. So after 5 months we'll take your euro 5,000.- camper in consignment for euro 2,750.- (= the standard 55%) over the full euro 5.000,-, no VAT taken out.
The selling season is between February and June. So if you return in October it might be that you'll have to wait a while for your money.....

When you paid the euro 500.- for the buy-back guarantee, we'll buy your euro 5,000.- camper back after 5 months for euro 2,175.- (i.e. 55% of the purchase price less the 21% VAT) . There and then!

You'll always need to leave a signed credit card imprint for traffic violations, parking tickets etc. if you'll leave the camper registered in our company's name!