We can take your camper (bought from BW Campers) in consignment.

You'll get the pre-calculated percentage of your purchase price (see examples) without the 21% VAT taken out of the purchase price. Your camper will get the roadworthiness test (and repairs, if any needed), etc. at your expense. The first 5 months storage is for free while we try to sell your camper. When your camper is not sold 5 months after you left it with us we do charge you for  storing your camper. So you'll only start paying storage from day 1 of month 6 onwards.
You'll get more for your camper as when you'll sell it back to us, but you'll only get paid when your camper is sold.

We can take your camper, not bought from BW Campers, in consignment.

We will agree upon a sales price that will make you not too unhappy and that will give BW Campers a reasonable chance to sell your camper. When your camper is sold BW Campers will take 15% of the purchase price as commission.
You'll pay for inside storage from the day you'll leave the camper with us to be sold on your behalf.
The costs of the roadworthiness, with the repairs, if any, will be at your expense. So will be the service of the camper.
When your camper is fully paid for, you'll receive payment from us.

Selling a camper not bought from BW Campers.
Naturally we are interested in buying your camper. When we can agree upon a price you'll get your money by bank transfer, immediately. ...