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BW Campers

BW Campers makes sure motorhome and camper rental in Amsterdam is available to you. Using a motorhome as your holiday experience has many advantages. You'll save costs of hotels on account of an RV being your home as well as your transport for the duration of the holiday and the campgrounds you'll be staying on will not be that expensive. You'll also be able to collect your motorhome rental in Amsterdam and plan your own journey rather than being tied to the itinerary of a bus tour.

BW Campers has several Groups of campervans/ motorhomes for hire.
Our Group A/B/C are called campervans. These campervans are small but have everything inside to accommodate up to 4 adults. Our Group C camper has a shower and toilet inside. For Group A/B campervans a chemical toilet can be hired separately.
Our Group D and E are called Motorhomes. These vehicles are bigger and a bit more luxury than our Group A/B/C campervans and have everything inside to accommodate up to 6 adults.

We also hire campers/ motorhomes outside of the Netherlands; in Europe we can help you in Spain, outside Europe we can help you in South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, The US and Australia.

RV Rental

RV rental in Amsterdam is simple when using our services. We'll make sure you enjoy your travels.

  • We've been active in this branch since 1972 and can help you with all your needs.
  • The price of a campervan or motorhome is to do with the model, not the amount of people using it.
  • Booking an RV and a flight separately is often cheaper than a total package.
  • When booking separately it's your choice which company you fly with.

As well as motorhome rental in Amsterdam, our RVs are also available for sale.

Contact Motorhome Rental Europe

The first simple step to RV rental in Amsterdam is to fill in the availability request on our website. Any questions can be sent to or you can call us on 0031 348 - 50 60 28.