Rental Conditions

1. General: All rates only apply to pre-booked and pre-paid camper rentals.
2. Kilometre Rates: All rentals over 13 days are inclusive unlimited kilometres. For rentals between 7 and 14 days there is 250 kms free per day. 'Over kilometres' are € 0,35 per kilometre. For rentals up to 13 days you'll always need to leave a deposit of € 1.000,- for payment of the 'over kilometres'!
3. Calculator: You can use the calculator to calculate your rental amount. You can put the different options side by side and take the most favourable!
4. Minimum rental period: 7 days. In the high season (June, July and August) minimum rental period 14 days.
5. Drop off: Must be on the drop off date before 12h00 noon.
6. Late Returns: If the vehicle is kept beyond the rental period without authorization, a penalty of 100% in addition to the normal rental amount will be charged.
7. Insurance: Standard insurance is fully comprehensive with an excess/deductible of € 1.000,- per damage/event.
8. Security deposit: With no extra insurance: € 1.000,-. With CDW insurance: € 1.000,- for the exclusions. With CDW-Plus insurance: nil. You will receive the security deposit back in the same way as we have received the security deposit.
You'll always need to leave your credit card details for traffic violations, parking tickets etc.
9. Credit card: Credit card, debit card and cash card are all subject to commission. When you'll pay the € 1.000,- security deposit by credit card the return payment will only be € 977,- because of the commission charged by the credit card. We accept Master Card, Visa and American Express. Diner's Club is not accepted.
10. Extra Insurance: CDW insurance € 12,- per day. When you take CDW insurance there is no excess/deductible for damage to the camper. There are the following exceptions: Overhead damage (any damage to the camper over the height of 1.85m), tire damage, theft- and window damage. Whenever this happens you are still liable for the excess/deductible of euro 1.000,- per incident, so when you take CDW insurance you still need to leave the deposit of euro 1.000,-.
CDW insurance is only possible when the rental is for 14 days or longer!
CDW+ insurance € 18,- per day. CDW+ insurance covers also the exceptions of the CDW insurance. So you are fully covered. No deposit needed, apart from the credit card imprint for the traffic violations.
CDW+ insurance is only possible when the rental is for 14 days or longer!
11. Maximum premium: For the CDW and the CDW+ there is a maximum of 60 days to be paid. 
12. Excess/Deductible: With CDW+ insurance: nil, with CDW insurance: nil (with some exceptions!), without insurance: € 1.000,-.
13. Exclusions/Damage: Regardless what insurance option you take, the GPS navigation system is always excluded from insurance coverage. Also excluded from coverage is theft of the radio/CD player (and the damage to the camper caused by the theft of the radio) when you do not return the removable front of the radio. Not covered by the insurance are negligence, damage to the awning if not retracted during rainfall/if not rectracted during strong wind/if not retracted when the camper is unoccupied, and interior damage. Always refill the fuel tank with fuel from well-known gas stations (like Shell, Esso etc.). Refilling the fuel tank with bad fuel can cause serious engine trouble, in the worst case the engine breaks down. Excluded even if CDW / CDW+ insurance has been purchased is theft of the renter's belongings. Any damage caused by loss, theft, damage or seizure in the campervan, inventory and listen, the Lessee shall contact BW Campers as soon as possible. The Lessee will follow the instructions of BW Campers at all times. Phone: 00316-54741033. In case of theft of the campervan during the rental period, the security deposit will be fully retained, regardless of whether the Lessee was negligent or not. The Lessee is liable for the damage and any associated towing and transportation costs to a maximum of the excess, unless this cannot be attributed to him. Damages and costs resulting culpable or negligent conduct will be deducted from the security deposit at all times.
If the Lessee is involved in an accident, the deposit will not be refunded until the time that the insurance file is handled completely and the insurance paid the damages. This is regardless of who is responsible for the accident.
BW Campers is not liable for personal or material damage caused by the Lessee or his traveling companions, caused by the use of the campervan, mechanical failure or because of collision.
14. Tickets and fines: With all tickets and fines there will be a surcharge of € 10,- for handling and administration. This will be charged to your card, the amount of the fine plus the surcharge.
15. For Winter Specials: Damage caused by frost is never covered by the insurance. Our campers are not suitable for Winter sport holidays!
16. Area: You can travel to all countries in Europe and also to Morocco and Turkey. Belarus is the only country where you are not allowed to go to.
17. Early bookings/early payments: When your rental starts after May 1st and you make full payment before January 31st you'll get a discount of 10% on the rental. Extra's like insurance, awnings etc. are excluded from this offer. When you make full payment before the end of February you'll get a discount of 5% on the rental.
18. Tax: All prices are exclusive tax. When you rent a camper you'll have to pay 21% tax (VAT) over the total amount.
19. Cleaning charges: We deliver the camper to you clean and we expect it back fairly clean. If not we'll charge € 100,- cleaning. If a camper is returned with the grey and/or black water tank not emptied we'll charge the cleaning fee anyway regardless of how clean the rest of the camper is!
20. Costs: The costs for fuel and gas during the rental period are for the Lessee's account, as well as cost of penalties and fines. The oil and coolant levels and tire pressure should be checked regularly during the rental period by the Lessee and if necessary replenished. These costs will be reimbursed after the rental period to the lessee by BW Campers. The vehicle must be returned to BW Campers with a full fuel tank. In case of non-compliance with this agreement, fuel costs will be increased by € 25, - charges for handling.
21. Drivers: Age: 19-75. Drivers must hold a license valid for the rental period.
22. Depot: Mastwijkerdijk 128, 3417 BT Montfoort. Our depots is difficult to get to by public transport. BW Campers will pick you up from the railway station Utrecht. Any pick up can only be between 10:00h and 15:00h and only by appointment.
23. One-way rentals: For a one-way rental the total rental period needs to be at least 14 days. Pick up must always be in Montfoort. Drop off in other places @ € 1,50 per kilometre. For exact rates for places not listed, contact BW Campers.
24. Depot Hours: Monday-Saturday by appointment only.
25. National Holidays: BW Campers is closed on all National holidays.
26. Pick up: Pick up can be Monday-Friday 10h00-15h00, Saturdays 10h30-13h00.
27. Repairs / Breakdown: Bad luck along the way, then what? Repairs up to € 125, - can be performed at a dealership without prior consultation of BW Campers. The Lessee has to present the original itemized bill upon return to get these costs refunded. Repairs above € 125, - you should first contact BW Campers via 00316-54741033. The permission of BW Campers incurred repair costs are only reimbursed by BW Campers when the Lessee presents the original itemized bills, and on presentation of the replaced parts. If the Lessee can't present the invoices and replaced parts to BW Campers, BW Campers has the right not to cover/refund these costs. Repayment of notes in foreign currencies will be done according to the exchange rate of the currency at the date of repair. Any costs incurred by the Lessee in case of breakdown or repair on the go, such as hotel, taxi or telephone are not reimbursed by BW Campers. For this, the Lessee must have an adequate travel insurance. If the Lessee must remain in a particular place different than desired due to by bad luck or due to longer repair of the vehicle, BW Campers is not liable for that non-enjoyed holidays or other expenses. For this, the Lessee must have an adequate travel insurance.
28. Breakdown service: A 24 hour multi-lingual European alarm-service for assistance for any major mechanical problem on all vehicles. All rentals include a substitute vehicle if your motorhome cannot be repaired within 72 hours. BW Campers is not liable for non-enjoyed holidays or other expenses. For this, the Lessee must have an adequate travel insurance.
29. (Airport) transfers: Free of charge but possible by appointment only (see Depot).
30. Personal kit: Inclusive. This is sleeping bag, pillow, (kitchen)utensils, towels etc.
31. Extra's: An awning is standard equipment on all our campers, as is a bike carrier for minimal 2 bikes. You can rent a GPS navigation system for € 50,- for the total rental period. A complete set of maps of Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the U.K, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic and Scandinavia is included in this GPS navigation system.
We kindly request not to smoke in our campers.
32. Cancellation fee: The lessee has to cancel by registered letter. The date of mail delivery is considered as the cancellation date.
If canceled, the lessee owes:
- Up to 8 weeks before the rental period: 25% of the total rental amount
- Up to 4 weeks before the rental period: 50% of the total rental amount
- At the start of the rental period: 90% of the total rental amount
- From the commencement date of the rental period: 100% of the total rental amount.
It is advisable to take a cancellation insurance to cover this risk.
33. Liabilities: If the vehicle reserved by you is unavailable for any reason whatsoever, we have the right to substitute an alternative.
34. Environment zones Europe: In various countries in Europe, several environmental zones are used in large cities. Sometimes you can not enter the cities with the camper because of the year of construction of the camper. If you do so, you risk a fine. In other countries, such as France, you must purchase an environmental vignette. The tenant is responsible for informing himself of the latest information regarding the environmental zones and the purchase of environmental vignettes if necessary. BW Campers is not responsible for any penalties that the tenant causes by not being aware of the environmental zones. 35. Refunds: We regret that no refunds can be made for voluntary downgrades or early returns.

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While including the same facilities, some campers may have different layouts to those shown. The information provided on this website is subject to change without notice.