The Westfalia campers are factory built conversions with a fridge, sink with electric pump and a watertank, stove, central heating, storage, curtains and whatever else is needed to make a comfortable home. Motorhomes of this size do not have a shower and a toilet. It is possible to take a chemical toilet along.

Normally the VW campers have a pop-top (=lifting roof),which means that the camper can sleep 4 people. The Ford Nugget campers are fitted with a fixed high roof andd also accomodate 4 people. The Nugget comes standard with a porta-potti chemical toilet. Generally all campers have a manual gearbox. A propane tank and a FM/AM radio/CD player are standard.

Westfalia campers are based on Volkswagen, Mercedes or Ford vans. We only carry the VW and Ford Transit models. These campers are not suitable for export to the U.S. or Canada. Our E.C. standard is very different. To make the camper U.S. or Canadian legal involves a lot of money. Besides, a new camper is cheaper in the U.S. or Canada.
Only campers over 15 years of age can / may be imported in Canada or the U.S.A.

Do not bring your camper to Europe, for spare parts are not available. Not for U.S. built campers and not for U.S. or Canadian legal Volkswagens. You also have to realize that our electrical currency is different, as well the Voltage as well as the number of Herz, waterconnections, type of plugs etc. etc. Moreover the road conditions are quite different in Europe. 
Through European eyes a small American motorhome is aready huge! In Europe a 20 ft motorhome is regarded upon as usable. Bigger quickly becomes a nuisance.

We can arrange for registration and insurance for your Westfalia. If you do bring your own motorhome over from abroad we can arrange for 3rd party insurance for your motorhome. Fully comprehensive insurance is not possible!

The fuel consumption for the VW petrol is between 8 and 10 kms per litre (appr. 19-23 mpg US or 23-27 mpg Imp). The Ford Transit diesel gets appr. 12 kms per litre (27 mpg US or 31 mpg Imp). The VW diesel will do between 11 and 14 kms per litre (appr. 25-31 mpg US or 31- 34 mpg Imp). Diesel is available all over Europe and is generally cheaper. It is not possible to give prices, as these change by the day and differ from country to country.

You do have to realise that factory built campers have never been used for anything else. To use a camper for 6 months a year is very much. This means that a 4 year old camper has a working life behind it of about 2 years. In Wintertime not many people use a camper so most campers never tasted the salt on the roads. 
Compared to the average car of the same age a factory built camper is in much better shape.

If you want a camper to be waiting upon your arrival, we request a non-refundable downpayment of 25% of the purchase price with a maximum of euro 2,500.-.
Let us know what you want and we will make sure that the camper is all set and ready to go when you arrive. It might be, in certain times of the year, that we do not have campers of all years available. To be sure to get what you want you should order in advance. 
Your down payment will not be refunded but can always be used for an other camper when you'll have to postpone your trip, or the original camper is not what you thought it would be.


BW Campers prefer that you'll find your own camper, which is easy nowadays with the Internet (https://www.marktplaats.nl/l/caravans-en-kamperen/campers/). You got the whole of Holland as sales stock!
BW Campers can also arrange for insurance and registration for those campers! A buy-back is also a possibility......

BW Campers can check out the camper of your choice for you. 
We will check out a maximum of 4 campers for an amount of € 2.000,-. This sounds like much, and it is a lot of money, but you'll get quite something back for that amount! 
First of all you do not need to pay the one-time surcharge of € 500,- for our registration and insurance service. We generally get you a better price as advertized.... We offer you the guaranteed buy-back at the end of your trip (another € 500,- you need not pay!), but you can sell the camper yourself too, naturally. 
We will check out the camper before you'll buy, so you'll have no unpleasant surprises upon arrival. We are also interested that you'll buy a good camper for we give you the guaranteed buy back!
When you want to know more, please do contact us by email: sales@bwcampers.com.

BE AWARE: Due to environmental regulations it is no longer allowed to drive an older diesel powered vehicle in some cities. Not all cities, so when you own an older diesel camper do check out, per country, which cities do have what restrictions. Violations of these regulations will result in a (serious) fine! 

All sales prices mentioned also include the Dutch sales tax (V.A.T.) of 21%.