For consignment there are 2 options:

A - You'll get the pre-calculated percentage of your purchase price (see examples). In this situation your camper will get the roadworthiness test, the new buyer will get the full guarantee and also the buy-back guarantee (depending on the purchase price). In short: The client cannot tell the difference between a camper owned by us or a camper left in consignment with us.

B - You'll get the full sales price less 10%. In this situation we'll put the camper as a consignment camper on our sales stock list. The buyer will not get the guarantee on the camper, the client will not get the buy-back. We'll make sure the camper is in OK shape and the buyer drives away, all costs, like roadworthiness etc. will be for you, the owner, or for the buyer. As you wish. 
When you'll leave your camper in consignment with us, and your camper is not sold 5 months after you left it with us we do charge you for  storing your camper. So you'll only start paynig from day 1 from month 6 onwards.