About BW Campers

Long term motorhome travels in Europe

BW Campers rent and sell campers since 1972 in the Netherlands.

Begin your fantastic trip in Amsterdam: your gateway to Europe. 
Camp by a canal, a cathedral, a windmill or a medieval wall... With a camper from BW Campers, you choose your own best places in Europe!
You want to see Europe and you do not want to spend a fortune on accommodation and still live with some comfort? You have some explorer's blood? Take a camper!

A camper or motorhome holiday in Europe not only makes money-saving sense, for many it is the ideal way to tour, in every respect. Not touring like sheep in a guided bus tour with a tight schedule, but as free as a bird in your own way and time.

You can buy a campervan from BW Campers. BW Campers will take care of the insurance and registration for you. You can sell the campervan back to BW Campers (guaranteed) or you can find a buyer yourself.
You can also store the campervan with BW Campers for future use.

Whatever you want, BW Campers can help you!