All cars over 3 years old have to get a roadworthiness check every year. It is obvious that all our campers have this roadworthiness certificate (called APK in Holland).
It is a check on 130 points of safety and reliability. We'll make sure that this check is done shortly (appr. 1-2 weeks) before you take delivery of your camper.

You do have to realize that factory built campers have never been used for anything else as being a camper. To use a camper for 6 months a year is very much. This means that a 4 year old camper has a working life behind it of about 2 years. In wintertime not many people use a camper so most campers never tasted the salt on the roads.

Compared to the average car of the same age a factory built camper is in much better shape. Apart from the yearly government inspection we give the camper a full service before we sell it. We also give a guarantee of 3 months or 10,000 kms (whichever first) on our campers. This is a full guarantee, as well as on parts as on labour. All repairs for guarantee have to be done in our own workshop.

This guarantee is included in the sales price as listed on our sales stock page. All sales prices mentioned also include the Dutch sales tax (V.A.T.) of 21%.

The prices mentioned are the prices to pay. No hidden traps!

You may find campers on our sales stock list that are marked "in consignment". These campers do not fall under our guarantee, do not get a fresh roadworthiness test, do not have any guaranteed buy-back arrangement. It is all possible, but it will involve money. For details you can always contact us, or we can bring you in contact with the owner of this camper so that you can make arrangements with him.

If you want a camper to be waiting for you upon your arrival, we request a downpayment of 25% with a maximum of euro 2,500.-. Let us know which vehicle you want and we will make sure that it is all set and ready to go when you arrive. 

It may be, in certain times of the year, that we do not have campers of all years or all camper models available. To be sure to get what you want you should order in advance. 


BW Campers prefer that you'll find your own camper, which is easy nowadays with the Internet ( You got the whole of Holland as sales stock!
BW Campers can also arrange for insurance and registration for those campers! A buy-back is also a possibility......

BW Campers can check out the camper of your choice for you. 
We will check out a maximum of 4 campers for an amount of € 2.000,-. This sounds like much, and it is a lot of money, but you'll get quite something back for that amount! 
First of all you do not need to pay the one-time surcharge of € 500,- for our registration and insurance service. We generally get you a better price as advertized.... We offer you the guaranteed buy-back at the end of your trip (another € 500,- you need not pay!), but you can sell the camper yourself too, naturally. 
We will check out the camper before you'll buy, so you'll have no unpleasant surprises upon arrival. We are also interested that you'll buy a good camper for we give you the guaranteed buy back!
When you want to know more, please do contact us by email:

BE AWARE: Due to environmental regulations it is no longer allowed to drive an older diesel powered vehicle in some cities. Not all cities, so when you own an older diesel camper do check out, per country, which cities do have what restrictions. Violations of these regulations will result in a (serious) fine!