After your trip

After your trip there are a few options open to you:

You may plan another trip in the near future - 1.
You like the camper that you have, so keep it and store it with us. This storage will cost you euro 75.- per month or part of a month for a camper up to 5.5mtrs length overall and € 85,- per month for campers over 5.5mtrs length overall. Your camper is stored outdoors but in a locked and 24/7 guarded place.
When you'll want inside storage that is € 90,- per month or part of a month up to 5.0mtrs length overall, € 105,- per month up to 6.0mtrs length overall, € 120,- per month up to 7.5mtrs length overall and € 130,- per month for campers over 7.5mtrs length overall.
Your insurance on the camper can be stopped, for our insurance will cover all campers that are placed in our care. Your registration can be stopped for it is not on the Public Road.

You may plan another trip in the near future - 2. 
You like the camper that you have, so you keep it and store it elsewhere. In this case you cannot stop the insurance and registration on the camper, for it is compulsory in Holland to have a camper registered and insured. When that is not the case the Dutch Government want to be able to check for themselves that the camper is not on the Public Road. This can only be when stored at certain specified places. BW Campers is one of those places. 

You have family or friends that plan on making a trip to Europe in the near future. 
Maybe they will buy it or maybe you will let them use it. If so, please notify BW Campers that someone else will be collecting your camper. If their travels do not exactly match your departure date you can store your camper with us.

You may leave the camper in consignment with us. 
We will make a letter of consignment in which the amount that we will pay you is stated. In this construction we act as middlemen for you and so there is no tax involved as one private person sells to another private person. We will take care of insurance and registration for you. When your camper is not sold after 5 months we start charging you for storage as of day 1 of the 6th month. For the exact details see: consignment.

You can sell your camper back to us. 
We have a standard buy-back plan. We pay back certain percentages of the purchase price minus the sales tax for a period of use up to 3 months, up till 6 months, a year and periods of longer as 1 year.  
Normal wear and tear is accepted, if there are any major damages or technical problems, we take that amount down from the buy-back amount. We sell you a camper in good shape, we want it back in good shape.

You can sell the camper to whomever.
Officially this can only be done in the country where you bought the camper, i.e. in the country where the camper is registered. There are ways around this, if you're interested we will reveal these secrets when you'll pick up your camper with us.

You'll always need to leave a signed credit card imprint for traffic violations, parking tickets etc. if you'll leave the camper registered in our company's name!