Money in Europe

The Netherlands (Holland) are a good place to start your trip. Amsterdam International Airport (Schiphol) is a popular destination for most airlines. In Amsterdam you will find almost all the major international banks. So, to get to your money should be (relatively) easy. 

Most people speak English, Amsterdam is a nice place to be and there are plenty sights to see.
Dutch registration is welcome everywhere. The paperwork connected to owning a camper or car is minimal. 
Distances in Europe are small: From Amsterdam to Brussels is a 2 1/2 hours drive, Berlin is a 5 hours drive and Paris is only 6 hours away.

The easiest way to carry money is by bankcard, ATM machines are all over Europe. As a safety measure you can use Traveller's Cheques from a known company. 

Cash advances can be gotten on your credit card, but the amounts are rather limited. 

Naturally in the Internet age, you can always log in with your bank and handle your money-matters by computer.