For a non-resident of the European Community it is not possible to have a vehicle registered in their name. This rule is valid all over in the European Community.

There are a few options open to you:

You have relatives in Holland who will register the camper in their name for you. 
You'll 'burden' your relatives with all the official hassle involved in owning a vehkicle. All correspondence concerning your camper will go via your relatives (how good is their English? Do you want to bother them?) . Everybody will see that the camper is Dutch for you'll drive with Dutch plates. Nobody will bother you. The Dutch do have a rather good reputation in Europe (don't ask me why!). 

You can leave the registration in our company's name. 
Same situation as when you'll have the registration in the name of a relative, but as we are a camper rental company so the insurance and registration costs are higher for us as for a pravate person. We will pass on that 'benefit' to you! No paperwork is in your name but you do own the camper. You'll get a bill of sale that clearly says so. And, again, everybody will see that the camper is Dutch for you'll drive with Dutch plates. Nobody will bother you.

To our knowledge the Netherlands are the only country where this kind of arrangement can be made. Because the registration plates are linked to the car while in most countries the plates are linked to a person.

You can apply for export.  
You will get the car documents in your name. You'll have to allow some time (2 days) to arrange for the export registration.
The camper will have to leave Holland within 2 weeks (officially never to be back). You'll get export plates, so a lot of official persons will want to find out if you are entitled to use those plates. You might be pulled over frequently. You do not have to pay any taxes (but you cannot claim back the Dutch VAT). 

Tourist insurance is expensive.

Alternative countries: 
When you buy in Germany, France or wherever, you'll only get export plates. The disadvantages of export plates from other countries are the same as for Dutch export plates.
Maybe you will rather be thought of as being Dutch instead to be thought of as being French, Italian or German.....