Sense and Finance

When is it worth your while to buy and when are you better off renting? 
Please be aware that the purchase price of the camper are not the only expenses involved! There are additional costs like registration and insurance. When you want to keep the camper for later use there is also maintenance and storage.
When you are on a sabbatical and want to travel for a year: BUY
When you want to travel over 12 weeks in the high season: BUY
When you have family who want to do the same thing and can use the same camper: BUY!
When you want to travel for a long period, some high season weeks, some mid season and some low season: BUY!
When you (may) want to do a similar, lengthy trip the next year: BUY!
When you want total peace of mind (and pay for it!): RENT
When you insist on a "young" vehicle: RENT
When you'll travel for 'normal' lengths of time: RENT!

Money Matters 
A downpayment for a camper can be made by credit card or electronic banktransfer. For final payment for your camper (and for insurance and registration) it is best to use an electronic banktransfer or cash euro's. Traveller's cheques you can cash-in in person. There is serious commission involved in cashing traveller's cheques! 

You can also personally change your local (cash) currency to euro's. If you do not want to carry all those euro's on you, you can deposit the amount in our bankaccount while (changing your money) at the bank. In that case you'll need to change your currency at our ABN-Amro Bank.
You can also arrange to have a banktransfer made to a bank-office and having your money waiting for you, to be collected personally, at that specified office of the bank. Best to use a 'home bank' with an office in the Netherlands. Let your bank check that it is possible for you to transfer money to that branch and from that branch to BW Campers. 

If you want to pay the balance 'on the spot' with your credit card we'll charge you 6% administration fee. We do not charge this 6% on any downpayment made by credit card. Bankdrafts, (personal)cheques and even cashier's cheques take weeks to get cleared! So that is not a good form of payment. You may only drive away when full payment has been received by us.

Internet / Electronic bank transfers do work well but still take time to get the funds to BW Campers. It is always handy to notify your bank that you may want to transfer a serious amount of money to Europe so that can make al preparations to make it a smotth process (which is not something that banks excell in!).

BE AWARE: All good advice from your local bank to handle money matters in any other way will (almost certainly) result in delays and high costs!

If you want a camper to be waiting upon your arrival, we request a downpayment of 25% of the purchase price with a maximum of euro 2,500.-. Let us know what camper you want and we will make sure that this camper is all set and ready to go when you arrive. It may be, in certain times of the year, that we do not have all models of all years available. To be sure to get the camper that you want, you're safest by ordering in advance.

All sales prices mentioned also include the Dutch sales tax (V.A.T.) of 21%.


BW Campers prefer that you'll find your own camper, which is easy nowadays with the Internet ( You got the whole of Holland as sales stock!
BW Campers can also arrange for insurance and registration for those campers! A buy-back is also a possibility......

BW Campers can check out the camper of your choice for you. 
We will check out a maximum of 4 campers for an amount of € 2.000,-. This sounds like much, and it is a lot of money, but you'll get quite something back for that amount! 
First of all you do not need to pay the one-time surcharge of € 500,- for our registration and insurance service. We generally get you a better price as advertized.... We offer you the guaranteed buy-back at the end of your trip (another € 500,- you need not pay!), but you can sell the camper yourself too, naturally. 
We will check out the camper before you'll buy, so you'll have no unpleasant surprises upon arrival. We are also interested that you'll buy a good camper for we give you the guaranteed buy back!
When you want to know more, please do contact us by email: