To get your 'green card' insurance is just a matter of minutes. This international green card insurance is very expensive but it is compulsory. It is valid all over Europe and also in some parts of Northern Africa and the Middle East. 
The standard insurance is third party liability insurance and that covers any licensed driver for up to euro 3,000,000 per accident. Only the damage that is caused by the insured camper to other people and their property is covered. There is an excess/deductible of € 1.500,- per event ALWAYS for ALL damages to you and to the other party.
Damage to you, your belongings, your camper are not covered with 3rd party liability insurance.
The first month is the most expensive month because of the poilicy fee and the special insurance tax. For the other months it is just a standard amount per month extra.
Fully comprehensive insurance is also possible but it is a lot more expensive. With the fully comprehensive insurance damage to you and your camper is alo covered, if a result of a car accident. Your belongings are never covered, fotr this you'll need a travel insurance which should be obtained back home.
Fully comprehensive insurance is only possible when your camper/motorhome is maximum 6 years old!
And here also is an excess/deductible of € 1.500,- per event ALWAYS for ALL damages to you and to the other party.

It is not possible for you to arrange for a long term medical or traveller's insurance here. Make sure all that is done before you leave.

For the rates per period for insurance and registration for a small (Westfalia-like) camper see: camper insurance. For insurance and registration rates for bigger motorhomes, please see: motorhome insurance and registration.

 We can also arrange insurance for cars / campers brought over from home! (export / import insurance)

BE AWARE: There is no refund for unused insurance! Tourist Insurance is taken for a certain period and no refund or extentions are possible. So, if you decide after 6 months that you want to stay for one more month you do not pay the difference between 7 and 6 months, but you pay as if you start a brand new insurance! 

When you bought your camper not through BW Campers there is a one-time surcharge of € 500,- to use our insurance (and/or registration services).